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Spooktacular Halloween Mountain Bike Festival

Location: Lynn Woods Lynn, MA

Date: October 25th, 2008














Wearing a Halloween


Was Encouraged!!!

Our first ever Spooktacular Halloween Mountain Bike Festival was a complete SUCCESS!  On Saturday October 25th, Dieselbikes was happy to host a Halloween event in Lynn Woods Reservation; Lynn, MA.  This event was the testing ground for many new operations we will be employing in future events.  The weather was great with cool temperatures and cloud cover making it perfect for mountain biking in the woods!


Dieselbikes Booth

This event was a host to a number of returning sponsors who participated in past Dieselbikes's venues along with the addition of Starbucks Coffee and Monster Energy Drink as new participating sponsors.  Both Starbucks and Monster were a big hit during the event providing free coffee and sport drinks for attendees and staff.  Many local sponsors like Wheelworks had Demo bikes on hand for test rides as well as bike related products available for sale.  Attendees were able to browse vendor's product selections, ask technical questions and purchase any required items before our riding season ends.  We attempted to have a bicycle flea market based upon request received through our website.  Unfortunately we had 4 independent vendors signed up and pre-paid for this flea market venue, but none of them showed.  This was a disappointment to some event attendees who came to check out the flea market, but our sponsors definitely filled this void.


Mountain Uni BoothMountainUni.com was on hand holding the first Unicycle Trials Competition in Lynn Woods.  This was an exhibition venue for event attendees to watch an unparallel display of balance.  MountainUni had a number of wooden stunts that were configurable to provide an endless array of technical challenges.  There were 8 registered contestants competing for some pretty cool prizes.  The contest consisted of a gap jump, vertical to rubber up jump and negotiation of an obstacle course.  This was a show to watch as everyone wondered how it was possible for these riders to execute such technical tricks on a unicycle.  Every trick they performed appeared to defy physics!  In addition, MountainUni provided short beginner demo lessons for anyone who wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle and also held a unicycle ride in the woods.  These guys and gals were having fun and it was great to see a different aspect of technical riding regardless it was on just one wheel.  Hats off to MountainUni and we look forward having them attend other events in the future.


Mountain Bike Limbo Contest

We incorporated & and tested a new venue during this event titled "mountain bike games & contests".  This venue was a number of different mountain bike related contest that were geared for children and adults.  Event attendees were able to participate in any of the 8 contest held throughout the event for prize packs.  Contest such as mountain bike limbo, track standing and a chuck, fling, and toss competition had many attendees smiling.  In addition, we hosted two competitive contests that pitted rider against rider in a singles and/or team competitive format.  The singles competition was the obstacle course challenge.  This challenge pitting sponsoring members against event attendees as they race through an identical 50 foot course with skinny bridges, tee-totters and orange road cones arranged in an alternating pattern.  The contest format had a number of elimination rounds reduced the number of contestants until we had a single winner.  The team competition was the moving target challenge.  This challenge had one team member riding their bike within a 15 foot circle as the other member attempted to toss bicycle tires onto them as they raced against the clock. This was a 1 minute timed challenge and many teams came up with unique ways to score points. Both of these contest were huge success as many spectators cheered for there friends to win the challenge set before them.  We definitely plan on expanding this venue and add some new challenges for our next event.


Group rides were yet another venue for attendees to participate in during the event.  Dieselbikes and sponsors hosted group rides in Lynn Woods geared for all rider levels.  We changed up the group ride format leaving the ride leader to decide where to take the group based upon the skill level of the group.  This worked much better then having a pre-determined marked trail path that may have been too hard or too easy for some groups.  We had 9 scheduled group rides and had to add 2 additional rides due to rider requests.  Rides occurred about every 20 minutes and we attempted to make this information available for event participates by printing the schedule on a paper hand out.  We thought this was a novel idea; however, we found out this was not effective and will post a large bulletin board with the ride schedule during our next event.


The Crazy Staircase Stunt

Once again we brought back our portable wooden stunts that are becoming a highlight of our events. During the past 2008 D-Day event, we introduced the CANNON which is a 12-foot by 12-inch wide portable teeter-totter.  This time we expanded our stunts with two additional 8-foot teeter-totters and introduced the Crazy Staircase Stunt (CSS).  The CSS is comprised of 3 wooden wire spools that are configurable to create a bridge crossing, gap jump and/or a staircase climb.  This stunt by far was the biggest single stunt on hand totaling a length of 18 feet once fully assembled.  Unicyclist and mountain bikers tested their technical riding skills against this structured pulling of some defying tricks.  We also had a high jump exhibition show using a wooden bridge and limbo stick.  Show boaters would attempt to jump over the limbo stick without knocking it off the post.  We did have a winner who unfortunately maxed out the height of the limbo stick at 5 feet.  This means we will be raising the bar next event and adding a transition for the landing.


Food and drink service once again was handled by Dieselbikes due to its success during our last event.  We kept the menu simple and believe everyone enjoyed the food we offered.  As our events grow in the future, we do plan on expanding our menu and/or bring in additional food vendors, but for now we need to keep it simple.  Dieselbikes also decided to handle music for this event.  We ran short of time to enroll local bands and with the unpredictable of October weather we felt it was best to keep this venue simple.  Our selection of music was non-stop and we saw a number of attendees singing and/or dancing to their favorite songs.  We found this system to work and will bring it back for our next event having live bands as separate venues.


Volunteers at the DB Booth

Last but not least, we have to give a big shout of THANKS for all our supporting members, volunteers and sponsors who helped to make this event possible.  First on the list, we want to thank our event volunteers who took time from their own busy lives and helped to support our event.  Without them, this event would not have functioned so smoothly.  Second, we want to thank our club members that stepped up to the challenge handling every aspect of the event with no issues or problems to report. Third, we want to thank all of our sponsors who spent the time and money to come out and support this event.  Without their business support, generous swag and on-site personnel, this event would not have been a success.  We also would like to thank Dan Small (Lynn Woods Ranger) and the City of Lynn for their trust and confidence in Dieselbikes abilities to hold such an event.  Without their permit approval, this event would have not taken place.


Due to the success of this event, we have already submitted paperwork for next years Halloween Festival slated to occur on Saturday October 31st 2009!  For now, we thank everyone who attended this event and look forward see you again.  If you have any comments and or questions, please feel free to send us and e-mail.



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2008 Halloween

Event Sponsors


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What was the Spooktacular Halloween Event?

The Spooktacular Halloween Event is a mountain bike social event that allows attendees to participate in a number of different related venues hosted by Dieselbikes and event sponsors.  Our goal is to introduce the highlights of the Lynn Woods trail system and provide interactive games that are fun and family orientated.  This event will also provide attendees with the potential to ride DEMO bikes, have access to technical information about bike maintenance, local/regional trail maintenance activities/programs along with riding clinics performed by local riders.  Dieselbikes believes this is a one of a kind event for the New England bike community allowing attendees to meet other riders across the region ultimately bring the community closer together.

How did this Event Work?

This is a one-day event for mountain bikers of all levels that will include family orientated activities.  Event attendees will be able to participate in group rides, biking games and a costume contest.  Group rides will be lead by Dieselbikes members and or event sponsors.  Event games will be geared to involved sponsors and attendee participation in a competitive contest for prizes. Secondary events such as skill clinics, demo rides, balance beam playground and exhibition shows will be held on and around the main event field.  This event is for all abilities and have venues for family members.

What is the Reason for this Event?

This event provides a method to help generate money and awareness for Lynn Woods Reservation. Money collected by attendee/sponsor donations and/or through the event raffle contributes to the Park Ranger Fund. This fund helps maintain Lynn Woods and support Dieselbikesí trail efforts there. Additional, this event provides a central location for the local bike community to gather, ride the trails of Lynn Woods, share stories and just have fun!


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at: info@dieselbikes.com


2008 Event Poster


Here is the 411:


- Date: Saturday October 25th!

(In the event of sever weather, make up day is Sunday October 26th).

- Location: Lynn Woods - 78 Great Woods Rd. - Ballfield Parking Lot.  Click here for directions.

- Event Time: Begins at 9:30am and runs until 4:00pm.

- Event Admission: $5.00 - Includes 1 Raffle Ticket and Event Insurance.


- Venue Music: Will be provided by PA system:

- Food Menu: (menu subject to change without notice*)

*Hamburgers & Cheese Burgers

*Hotdogs & Sausages

*Popcorn & Cookies

*Soda, Water & Assorted Sport Drinks


Event Performances & Sales:


- Unicycle Trials Exhibition Contest:

MountainUni.com will be hosting an amateur open class unicycle trials contest as an exhibition venue during the main event.  Check out www.mountainuni.com for more information about them!


- Bicycle Flea Market:

Local riders and shops selling and trading bicycle equipment.  If you like to set up a table for our flea market, sign up today by sending us and e-mail and requesting a spot on the field info@dieselbikes.com


- Dieselbikes Mountain Bike Stunts:

We are going to bring our portable bike stunts that every loves and will be adding a few more new TTF's for all to enjoy!  Plus we plan on having a Obstacle Course Challenge!


Rides, Clinics & Contest:


- Group Rides: (subject to change without notice*)

* Beginner Tour Rides - Perfect for those who never rode Lynn Woods.

* Intermediate Rides - Little faster with some moderate technical trail riding.

* Technical Rides - Short rides with lots of technical challenges.


- Clinics Preformed by Sponsors: (subject to change without notice*)

* Technical Climbing Clinic

* Endurance Training Clinic

* Women's Bike Setup Clinic

* General Bike Maintenance Clinic


- Attendee & Sponsor Participated Contest: (subject to change without notice*)

* Best Halloween Costume (Adult and Kids)

* Flat wheel tire changing contest

* Mountain Bike Limbo contest

* Big Wheels Skills Fun Race (kids or adults)

* Mountain Bike or Wheel Toss

* More to be added!!!



  • CASH Event: Dieselbikes and/or event sponsors will not have the ability to accept credit cards or debit cards at this time.  We can accept CASH and Personal Checks as a method of payment.  We apologize for any inconveniency this  may cause.

  • Event Wavier Forms: All attendees are required to sign event wavier forms prior to entering into this event.  Under 18 must be signed/accompanied by a parent with proper photo ID.

  • USE OF DEMO BIKES: Each sponsor will have requirements for proper photo ID and completing waiver forms before riding any demo bike.  Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent with proper photo ID.  Availability of demo bike is on a first come first serve basis.

  • Dieselbikes Group Rides: Group rides will happen throughout the event.  Ride leaders and riding levels will be posted during the event.

If you want to participate as an individual or sponsor, please feel free to contact me directly: frankd@dieselbikes.com




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