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Building Mountain Bike Trails

We at Dieselbikes have completed tons of trail work and want to provide the local mountain bike community information on building SWEET, FUN and FLOWING trails!

- Federal Recreational Trail Program

- Common Sense Trail Building (Coming Soon...)

- International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

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Building Technical Trail Features (TTF)

We have assembled a list of information for building technical trail features to increase rider balance & trail skills. Check out our picture gallery and design layouts that will help you in planning your own backyard paradise.

- Three Important Factors to Consider

- Balance Beam Designs and Layouts

- Ladder Bridge Designs and Layouts

- Technical Trail Features Photo Gallery


Quick Fixes, Trail Repair & Other Stuff

We know there are a lot of do-it-yourself riders whom like to fix their own bike.  Well, Dieselbikes has decided to provide a list of quick fixes, repairs on the trail and other tricks that will keep your bike working until you DO DECIDE TO FIX IT RIGHT!

- Mountain Bike Frame Categories & Disciplines

- Technical Brief # 09-0124: Lubrication of the Chain

- Technical Article # 09-0430: Keeping Your Derailleur Happy

- Technical Brief # 09-0528: Mountain Bike Maintenance Part 1 of 2

More Information Coming Soon...


Dieselbikes' Product Reviews

Product reviews that matter!  Enough said...

- Spinergy Fall Line FR Wheel Sets (Complete Product Review Available)

- 5.10 High Impact Freeride Shoes (Complete Product Review Available)

- 2008 Marzocchi 66RC3 Fork (Complete Product Review Available)

- Try All Mountain Unicycle Rims (Complete Product Review Available)

- FSA Gravity Moto-X Crank Set (Complete Product Review Available)

- Kenda Telonix 26x2.60 MTB Tire (Complete Product Review Available)

More Coming Soon...


Dieselbikes' ComponentsBicycle Rear Cassette

We at Dieselbikes are working on new bike components that we hope to someday bring to market.  So until that time, we will continue our own long-term product testing.


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