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Film Studio

The 2011 film schedule will be announced before the spring riding season begins.  For now stay tuned for this update! 

We at Dieselbikes have begun filming for our 2010 Freeride movie scheduled to be released in mid October.  This year's movie will include places such as Lynn Woods, Bruce & Tom's and Highland Mountain. Other film location scheduled this year are Diablo Freeride Park, and Boston Urban Riding.  This year we also will feature local New England music groups as part of our endeavor to promote the local scene.

We look forward in filming local riders as they jump, ride and bring there own unique style of mountain biking to our film.  We will provide a film schedule for those who want to get a cameo shot in this movie and as always, a majority of the collected funds will go to trail maintenance material for Lynn Woods and Bruce & Tom's.  Look forward see everyone out there on the TRAILS!

Film Schedule

If you want to know when and where Dieselbikes is filming for this years mountain bike movie, check this page regularly.  Please note, all dates are tentative and subject to change.

Date Location Film Time

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