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Balance Beam Designs & Layouts:

Balance beams are similar to ladder bridges, but serve a different purpose by providing the rider with the challenge of balance and elevation.  The width of a typically balance beam can range from 2 ~ 6 inches; (skinny) to 8 ~ 12 inches depending upon the desired challenge.

Balance beams can be constructed to achieve an endless array of technical challenges.  Structure distance, incorporating turns and changing elevation all provide adjustable attributes ultimately leading to the rider developing his or hers technical skills.  In short, when building a balance beam structure, you should start small and increase the challenge in phases.

Here are a few things to thinks about when building your balance beam:

1.  Build you first balance beam about 6-12 inches off the ground with your exit side slightly lower then your entrance side.  This will allow you to effectively roll down the beam rather having the need to pedal across the structure.

2.  Once you have master rolling across your structure, try roll half way across and stop your bike; balancing yourself in one place for at least 5 seconds and then continue.

3.  Now elevate the exit side of the beam at least 6 - 12 inches higher then your entrance side.  You now will need to pedal up the balance beam increasing the challenge due to your changing body position.

4.  Once you mastered the above examples, you can increase length, change elevation and incorporate turns.  The design is up to you, just have fun doing it!

Example Designs and Layouts:

The drawings below are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a standard, specification or regulation.  If you download and/or use this information, we at Dieselbikes are not legally responsible for any injury or death.


4"x6"x12' Balance Beam

Simple balance beam design using 4"x6" PT Lumber. Estimated Structure Cost: $45 ~ $65



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