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Ladder Bridge Designs & Layouts:

Ladder Bridges are a key staple in providing the ability to help sustain sensitive trail crossing areas like swamps and small streams.  However they also can provide the ultimate challenge when properly built to improve your riding skills.  The width of a Ladder Bridge can range from greater than 12" to 48" depending upon its requirement and/or desired mountain bike challenge.

Typically Ladder Bridges that are used for multi-use trails (i.e. bikers, joggers, hikers etc) are required to maintain a width of 34" ~ 36".  In general, a good rule of thumb for the width of a Ladder Bridge when used as a Technical Trail Feature (TTF) is 12" - 20" as long as you are not using a section of the bridge as a landing area.  Different widths and structural designs are required and are not covered in this section.

Ladder Bridges can be constructed to achieve an endless array of technical challenges.  Structure distance, incorporating turns and changing elevation all provide adjustable attributes ultimately leading to the rider developing his or hers technical skills.  In short, when building a Ladder Bridge for TTF use, you should start small and increase the challenge in phases.

Example Designs and Layouts:

The drawings below are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a standard, specification or regulation.  If you download and/or use this information, we at Dieselbikes are not legally responsible for any injury or death.


Basic Ladder Bridge Section



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