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Ladies' Point of View - Trip to Whistler Mountain

MTB Article # 10001

By: Crash


(Q) During your trip, how many girls did you meet biking on Whistler Mountain?

I met only one on the chair lift but saw probably 6-10 on Monday (Labor Day).  They were decked out for the occasion, downhill bikes and full body armor.  I looked wimpy in comparison.

(Q) How long was your trip?

One week

(Q) Where did you stay?

We didn't stay in the village, but just on the outskirts.  Thing is you can walk between the two in 15 minutes.  It was perfect because we were not subject to the loud nightlife / restaurants that are in the village.  We were close to a grocery store, so easy to carry back to the condo.  We had our own private hot tub, great for those sore muscles.  Also it took only 5 minutes to ride to the lift line.

(Q) What bike you took?


(Q) Time of the year do you go to Whistler?

September 4th 10th (over Labor Day), it was the perfect time to go.  Only Monday (Labor Day) was busy on the mountain and then the rest of the week was quiet as everyone had gone back to work and/or school.

(Q) Was it too hot / muddy / dry?

Weather was perfect for riding.  I only came across one muddy trail, the rest were dry, compact, not dusty at all.  Because it's up in the mountain's it was chilly first thing in the morning so I'd suggest long pants and long sleeve shirt.  No fleece needed for riding.

(Q) Was your bike "just perfect" for the mountain or do you wish it was lighter, or heavier, or tires wider/thinner etc?

It could have been beefier, heavier and wider tires.

(Q) What trails you rode?

A-Line, sweet!  If you can get past the intimidation of the 'opening" drop you're fine.  The first time I had plucked my courage up to do A-Line there was a girl next to that first drop in a heap.  I didn't do it that time, ha.  However once you conquer it (no problem by the way) then it's sweet curves, dirt jumps that you can just ride up and over or you can get as much air as you like.  You will get passed even when you think you are flying.  You never want to stop on that trail and there are signs saying so.  Just keep going and move to the side.

Angry Pirate:  I think that's the right name.  If it is the trail I'm thinking of, it was quite muddy (the only muddy trail).  Very twisty, super single track!

I rode another trail but I forget it's name.  It was boards of wood about ft off the ground and it went on forever.  Great curves and some thinner boards, so a good balance learning curve.  Good thing though it's pretty much all downhill so not much peddling at all, you are able to just concentrate on your balancing.

(Q) What trails you liked the most and why?

A-Line was fantastic.  You could get great sweeping corners, lots of speed and as much air and you liked.

(Q) What trails you did not like and why?

None come to mind.

(Q) What kind of terrain there?

Similar in ways to New England but also very different!

(Q) Did you crash, did you fall where and why?

Angry Pirate, the muddy trail I mentioned above.  I'd made it down probably 2/3 of it, and hadn't stopped to rest.  I was pushing myself feeling great, I was pumped.  The one section was made narrow by a large root with a tree to the side, so you could just make it through the opening, and next thing I knew I was going over my handlebars.  Hit my head and of course the bike landed on the one part of my knee area that was not protected by the armor.  You know the spot in between the Velcro and the armor.  Yea, there.  So hobbled the rest of the way down and was done for the rest of that day and the day after.  However with some warm ups around the condo area I was back on the mountain the day after.

(Q) Where you afraid of anything (stunts, bridges, etc.) and why?

Yes!  The big drop near the bike lift was pretty intimidating.  Not only did it look huge, it was right in view of everyone in the lift line and all those people having lunch on the deck of the restaurant that was built specifically to have a view of the drops.  I only ever went up of the mountain, the other is signposted as expert black only.  I rode by myself mostly and so didn't really want to try the upper half by myself, so I don't have any idea how insane it was up there.  Before you go down A line trail there is a rolling drop .. not so big.  But there is a sign that if you can't do that you can't do 'A" line.  Well I'd pumped myself up all the way up the lift to do the drop and to attempt 'A" line and what do I see when I approach the drop but this girl who had crashed.  Yea right, I skipped that time but it took a few more rides up the lift to get my courage up again.

(Q) Did you get over your fear and finally complete that stunt (bridge, skinny, etc.) and what did it feel like?

I finally did that big one near the chair lift but first I did the two smaller ones near it.  It was near the end of our trip and I realized I would regret it if I didn't just do it.  So finally I plucked up the courage, took one last look at it and just did it.  There were some guys also taking a look at it, and if I didn't do it then I'd be waiting for them etc. etc.  I had in my head exactly where I wanted to exit the jump in order to get the least possible air, but as I did it I just kind of went to the side where it's of course bigger and was over it before I could do anything to stop myself.  I remember thinking in the air something profane but once I'd landed it I was 'stoked" as us South Africans would say.


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