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Rider Bio:Mountain Bike Freerider: Headstand

Dieselbikes member "Headstand" is a good example that you don't need to be young to enjoy freeriding.  This 51 year old grandfather took up mountain biking at the age of 45 as a way to bridge the long hot months between ski seasons.  His first ride at Lynn, on a rigid frame, was cut short by a massive endo resulting in a trip to the hospital to sew his head back together thus tagging him with his nickname.  This injury did not stop him and the technical challenge of Lynn Woods fuelled Headstand's return and continues to go bigger each year.  With his elegant trail flow and graceful crashes, Headstand brings a unique level of camaraderie to our group that makes riding with him both fun and challenging.

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Lynn Woods Fun

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"HEADSTAND" Video gallery:

Headstand Video Clip 01

Run Time: 7sec - File Size: 1.6MB

Headstand Video Clip 02

Run Time: 7sec - File Size: 2.2MB

Headstand Video Clip 03

Run Time: 9sec - File Size 0.6MB


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