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Rider Bio:

Dieselbikes member "Intimidator" is a good example that even a GIRL can hang with the boys.  She started mountain biking in 2000 on a GT hardtail.  After a few rides and breaking this bike she upgraded to a 6" full suspension rig.  She was labeled "Intimidator" because guys who rode with her in Lynn Woods felt intimidated since she could do what they could do and more!  Powering her 45+ pound bike up technical hill climbs with a 02 Monster fork she pushes her riding limits each year with hucks, climbs and technical stunts.  Intimidator is one of many local riders who share a passion for this sport and brings her own unique style and camaraderie during rides.

The media below is dedicated to the following mountain biker and may contain riding clips, personal funny stories, opinions and anything else that maybe related to their passion of this sport.

"INTIMIDATOR" Photo gallery:


The Barn Brop

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"INTIMIDATOR" Video gallery:

Intimidator Video Clip 01

Run Time: 9sec - File Size: 2.2MB

Intimidator Video Clip 02

Run Time: 8sec - File Size: 1.6MB

Intimidator Video Clip 03

Run Time: 8sec - File Size 1.5MB


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