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Rider Bio:Mountain Bike Freerider: Chris C

Dieselbikes member "Chris C" or "Mr. C" is and excellent example that it is never too late to start riding mountain bikes.  Chris started mountain biking in July 2005 and began riding with Dieselbikes in September 2005.  Within this time Chris has stepped up his game breaking his first bike within a matter of months.  Now sitting under his new Demo 8, Chris is sure to kick some ass and take names later as he drops, climbs and rides what New England has to offer.  Still young at the age of 36, Chris brings his own style and unique camaraderie to our group that inspires and pushes others to be the best they can be.

The media below is dedicated to the following mountain biker and may contain riding clips, personal funny stories, opinions and anything else that maybe related to their passion of this sport.

"CHRIS C" Photo gallery:


Overlook Trail Climb

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"CHRIS C" Video gallery:

Mr C Video Clip 01

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Mr C Video Clip 02

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