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Dieselbikes member "Charps" is another rider who got hooked by the sport of extreme mountain biking at the early age of 7.  Starting his career on his Huffy White Head sporting pegs and a sweet kick stand, "Charps" began racing in the sixth grade, but soon gave it up after not winning his 2nd race, due to a chain malfunction.  He spent his college years chasing spandex wearing cross country riders on epic rides throughout the Rockies on his 40lb Giant.  Moving back home, here in New England, Jason discovered Dieselbikes last year and its all been downhill, big drops and broken bikes since. Jason brings his own unique camaraderie to our group and always provides a good laugh with his uncanny ability to make fun of fellow rider Dave.  In July, "Charps" left on sabbatical to uncover the effects of Pat O'Brian's Hurricanes on the human mind and spirit down on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  Jason is expecting to take long weekend and holiday trips back to East solely to ride with Dieselbikes.  We will keep you posted on the findings of this young scholar's studies in the weeks and months to come.

The media below is dedicated to the following mountain biker and may contain riding clips, personal funny stories, opinions and anything else that maybe related to their passion of this sport.

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