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Rider Bio:Mountain Biker: The Kid

Dieselbikes member Nathaniel A.K.A. "The Kid" is a perfect example that even at the young age of 13, he can still hang with the crew.  He started mountain biking at the age of 9 through a YMCA bike program in the Town of Reading, MA.  Riding Harold Parker on a Trek hardtail, he was introduced to the basics of mountain biking and became hooked on this sport.  He began riding with Dieselbikes towards the end of 2005 and found out there is more to mountain biking then just riding the trails.  He has begun competing in XC and Shortrack racing events this season (2006) and stepped up his technical riding abilities in Lynn Woods breaking his first full suspension bike.

Now riding a '05 Gary Fisher Kingfisher 2, The Kid is sure to be a local rider for all to keep their eyes on. For his age, he rides, climbs and jumps as if he had been mountain biking for a decade. Sometimes he makes us older guys feel like we should retire. The Kid brings his own style and unique camaraderie to our group and we hope this provides a channel for younger riders to get into this wonderful sport.

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Wolf Pits Log Ride

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"The Kid" Video gallery:

The Kid Video Clip 01

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The Kid Video Clip 02

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