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Rider Bio:Mountain Bike Freerider: Ridge Rider

Dieselbikes member "Ridge Rider" has been riding bikes competitively since he was 12 years old; starting with BMX and dirt jumping, then moving into BMX freestyle for 6 years and then started to ride mountain bikes in the early 90's.  He has spent the majority of riding time in Lynn Woods and has done some DH racing and park contests, but feels most comfortable just riding trails.  Ridge Rider has also broken his fair share of bikes and components which lead him and some friends to start there own local bicycle company in early 2000.  After working in the bicycle industry for a few years, he has figured out it's a lot more fun riding bikes then making them.

The media below is dedicated to the following mountain biker and may contain riding clips, personal funny stories, opinions and anything else that maybe related to their passion of this sport.

"RIDGE RIDER" Photo gallery:


Lynn Woods Roller

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"RIDGE RIDER" Video gallery:

Ridge Rider Video Clip 01

Run Time: 9sec - File Size: 3.1MB

Ridge Rider Video Clip 02

Run Time: 8sec - File Size: 2.6MB

Ridge Rider Video Clip 03

Run Time: 11sec - File Size 3.0MB


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