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Highland Mountain Bike Park 2nd Annual

Claymore Slopestyle Challenge



We need to give a huge shout-out to Mark Hayes and his crew at Highland Mountain for creating a well balanced mountain bike park that has something for all levels.  Dieselbikes has been riding Highland since it opened to the public and every year it gets bigger and better!  New beginner trails, additional jump lines, stunts, pumptracks - you name it, Highland probably has it!


This past month was Highland's Second Annual Claymore Slopestyle Challenge!  Top riders such as Paul Basagoitia, Aaron Chase, Eric Porter, Dave Smutok and many more converged on Highland to compete for the first place prize of $5,000!  These riders pulled off tricks that defied gravity and some appeared to defy physics.  All the riders who competed were impressive to watch with Brandon Semenuk of Canada taking home first place and the $5k purse.


Check out the excellent post-event review and pictures by the boys at DerailedOnline.com.


You can also watch the winning runs of Brandon Semenuk (#1), Greg Watts (#2) and Paul Basagoitia (#3) produced by DH Production LLC below.


First Place: Brandon Semenuk



Second Place: Greg Watts



Third Place: Paul Basagoitia





Source: Dieselbikes, DerailedOnline, DH Productions

Posted By: Diesel

Date: 07/22/2009


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