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Dieselbikes in the Boston Globe: The story behind the story!


On Sunday May 11th, we at Dieselbikes were given the opportunity to be interviewed by Ethan Gilsdorf, a reporter for the Boston Globe. At first we though this interview would take place at a local drinking spot over a few beers and last only and hour. After speaking with Ethan by phone we found out that he also rides mountain bikes and wanted to head out on a group ride with us to see what the club was all about. With a beautiful day at hand, Ethan and about 10 riders embarked on our group ride through the north side of Lynn Woods. We were not sure what kind of terrain Ethan wanted to ride, nor how long the ride should last, but he suggested for us to do whatever we had planned. Well, we did just that!

We brought Ethan to such locations as Bow Ridge, Chicken Soup and Balance Boulder showing him some of the best stuff Lynn has to offer. We rode from location to location making frequent stops to session natural rock features and egg each other on how lousy our riding skills are. During these sessioning efforts Ethan took the time to chat with other riders in the group regarding their individual mountain bike experiences. Questions about bike setup, riding styles and why do you mountain bike were topics of conversation. During the beginning of the ride, Ethan would hang in the back of the pack and just watch as we made fools of ourselves. But as we pressed on, we found Ethan keeping himself in the middle of the group and attempting to ride through technical lines that he himself never though he would complete.

This was the first time Ethan ever rode in Lynn Woods and he was having a blast! The technical terrain was challenging for Ethan but it was also a motivator. Ethan explained he has ridden in many places, but the trails in Lynn were unique in their own respect. Pedaling through many hill climbs and weaving through rock gardens, Ethan was doing great for a first time Lynn Rider. After a couple of hours in the woods, we decided to let Ethan try out some of the other bikes. Ethan pedaled a full on DH bike with 7 inches of travel and then tried a lighter all-mountain rig. After bouncing through the trails on these bikes, Ethan commented that equipment makes a big difference, giving you more confidence and makes the riding more fun!

After 4 hours of biking, we floated back to the parking lot to relax and recap the riding experience. The group ride was like all our rides, FUN! Ethan mentioned that he felt a little intimidated during the beginning of the ride since everyone was dressed up with armor and many wore full-face helmets. But as the ride progressed, the camaraderie between everyone was great, fun and relaxing. The ride ended and Ethan explained that the news article would be appearing in the Sunday Bostonís Globe on May 18th. We were stoked to have this opportunity and gain further publicity for the club. Thanks to all who attended this ride and big thanks to Ethan for keeping it real!

By: Diesel

Date: 06/03/2008



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