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Bruce & Tom's News Archives

General Updates - 2006

Bruce & Tom's Update 10.29.06

With short notice and a re-scheduling meeting time, we at Dieselbikes were able to complete our first trail day at Bruce & Tom's this past weekend (Oct 29th).  This was rather a small project with big results.  We installed new pre-fab pressure treated bridges with ladder style decking in replacement of the current bridges in the trail area known by mountain bikers as Ramp-O-Rama.

We replaced 4 out of 6 bridges and will have an additional trail day to finish up the other two bridges before year end.  The day was a blast and just the beginning of our planned projects for B&T's.  With the end of this year approaching, Dieselbikes will begin our logistics planning for next season’s trail days.  We believe the mountain bike community will support us fully in this endeavor.

I want to extend my personal thanks to the core team that helped complete this project.  Again, it was short notice and other trail projects/events took place during Sunday, but we completed our assigned task.  I look forward to see everyone again in future trail builds and/or maintenance projects.

Bruce & Tom's Update 07.30.06

We were not able to support a trail day by the end of this month due to logistics planning and possible availability of people since Pedro's Fest was happening. However, we plan on trying our best to get at least one trail day at B&T's this year. For now, we at Dieselbikes have opened the trail page for Bruce & Tom's which (over time) will be completed to provide the mountain bike community with important information related to this trail location. Again we look forward to your support and hope to see you on the trails.

Bruce & Tom's Update 06.26.06

Just to keep the local mountain biking community up to date with B&T's, the first trail maintenance day for this great location is about to talk place.  There are still a few details to sort out, but the first trail day will encompass cutting back brush and tree branches that have over grown onto the trail network due to all the rain we have had in New England.  We believe this maintenance day will occur near the end of July but will post the exact date when available.  "Bruce The Firefighter" has been working hard with Essex County Greenbelt management to execute the proposed trail plan for B&T's.  We ask that the local mountain bike community comes out to show support for this upcoming trail day.  B&T's is fun, but our goal is to make it better with your help. If you have any questions comments and/or concerns, feel free to drop me an e-mail; frankd@dieselbikes.com

Thank you for your support!

Bruce & Tom's Update 04.03.06

A complete trail plan encompassing maintenance and expansion is under way at the Tompson Street Reservation, also known as Bruce & Tom's.  Working in conjunction with Essex County Greenbelt, Bruce & Tom's will undergo major trail renovations over the next few years.

Starting this year, all current trails will be mapped via GPS to aid in the development of a Trail Map that will include trail names and property boundaries.  Also we expect a trail day to be posted shortly for Bruce & Tom's.

As always, we ask that the mountain bike community to respect Greenbelt's rules and regulations and the privacy of their neighbors.  Please be considerate, and respect the "no unauthorized trail cutting" policy that Greenbelt enforces.

Bruce & Tom's Update 02.13.06

We at Dieselbikes misspoke about mountain bike access in our last Bruce and Tom's 02.10.06 posting.  Bruce and Tom's is a relatively small area that encompasses private property and a portion of the Tompson Street Reservation (300 acres between Fernald & Bray Street off Exit 14 on RT128) which is owned by Essex County Greenbelt.  Our last posting may have implied that all of Bruce and Tom's and Tompson Street Reservation are closed to mountain bikers and the public.  Tompson Street Reservation is open year round from dawn 'til dusk and most trails are accessible from the Fernald Street entrance.  Please respect Greenbelt's rules and regulations and the privacy of their neighbors.

The area which is closed to the public is on private property owned by "Bruce The Firefighter" and his neighbors.  A portion of the area known as Bruce and Tom's is therefore closed and you need permission by the landowners to ride there.

Dieselbikes will be working with Essex County Greenbelt and "Bruce the Firefighter" to help improve the mountain bike experience.  We will keep the mountain bike community up to date with trail news and maintenance dates as they become available.

Thank you for your support!

Bruce & Tom's Update 02.10.06

We at Dieselbikes have met with land managers regarding mountain biking in the B&T's area.  The first order of business that came out of this meeting was the following:


2) There is a small area to ride but only with permission by the land owner.

3) Bruce The Firefighter does not own all the land and has worked his ass off speaking with abutting land owners to get a small trail network together.  Please respect his efforts!

We ask that all respect this public closure.  We at Dieselbikes have put Bruce & Tom's under our trail network / news sections and will keep the mountain bike community up to date with any latest news or access changes.  If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, just drop us an e-mail.

Thank you for your support!


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