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General Updates - 2007

Bruce & Tom's Update 04.26.07

We at Dieselbikes have decided to get an early jump start with our B&T's trail plans.  This was an un-announced trail day to the general bike community due to the nature of the trail build.  Our goal was to replace an aging technical trail feature (TTF) instead of physical trail maintenance; which in general requires only a few trail workers rather then large groups of volunteers.

Yesterday Dieselbikes members went out and replaced the aging Teeter-totter that is so well known to the local biking community.  As many know, this TTF was nearing the end of its duty cycle and was becoming un-safe to repair.  This TTF was originally fabricated and donated to B&T's by members from Bustedspoke.

It served 5+ years of duty with hundreds of mountain bikers enjoying its technical challenges. In its place, Dieselbikes fabricated and assembled (on site) a new Teeter-totter that will continue to provide the same technical challenges the first TTF had created.  Fabricated from ACQ Pressure Treated lumber (environmentally friendly), the TTF features a Cedar ladder deck and stainless steel pivot shaft with carbon-steel inserts.  All load bearing supports utilizes hot-dipped galvanized lags with steel inserts which are sealed from the element.

We want to thank the local bike community for your support with our trail efforts. Your donations and/or purchase of Dieselbikes apparel and local movies have made this trail feature possible. We will continue our efforts to replace, rebuild, expand and maintain TTF's within the B&T's trail system.  If you have any questions, comments and concerns, please feel free to drop us and e-mail.

Bruce & Tom's Update 01.02.07

This year should be the year for Bruce and Tom's.  We were able to complete one trail day in 2006, but plan on holding many more in 2007.  However, with our effort, we need the help from the local mountain bike community in 2007.  It appears that a few of the new bridges Dieselbikes constructed to replace the older bridges near the area call Ramp-O-Rama were vandalized.  Who ever did this also grabbed all the lumber (bridge decking and PT Supports) we were storing in the area to replace the remaining bridges and used is as firewood!  Lastly among smashed beer bottles, they cut down trees and made a mess of this area once again.

This is the second time in 3 months the area where the Iron Cross is located has been vandalized. We are requesting mountain bikers whom consider B&T's their local riding spot to keep an eye out for these vandals and report them to the proper authorities.  It is one thing to go out and drink in the wood, but when crap like this happens, it creates an un-safe environment for all users.  Again, this happens in many other parks (i.e. Lynn Woods) let’s just keep our eyes open.

"Bruce The Firefighter" has gone out and begun the clean-up.  As far as the lumber for the other bridges, it appears to be a loss.  We will move forward and purchase replacement lumber to finished replacing these bridges in the coming months. This will be a trail day and will let all know the time and day to meet.  Again we thank you for your support…sucks crap like this happens.


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