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Dieselbikes' Visit to BCEBCE's Bicycle Weather Vane

Dieselbikes was given the opportunity to visit and ride the trails at Back Country Excursions last month.  This was the first time for Dieselbikes as a group to experience what BCE had to offer.  We heard about BCE from friends and fellow riders, but always wondered what the BUZZ was all about. Well, after a full day of trail riding and hitting the 4000 sq ft terrain park, we just want to say, BCE is a place you should visit!

Whether you are a beginner or consider yourself an advance mountain biker, BCE has a little of everything for all.  We rode well groomed "fast" singletrack with technical trail features (TTFs) such as bridges, jumps and seesaws.  The terrain park is filled with fun technical stunts that will challenge your mind and riding skills leaving you wanting more.

Aside from mountain biking, BCE offers overnight lodging and camping to enhance your riding experience.  A few of our core members stayed in the past for a complete weekend of mountain biking fun and had one of the best riding experiences to date.  From outdoor cook-outs and large scale mountain bike events, BCE offers an atmosphere for family and friends to have fun riding your mountain bike! 

Tell them Dieselbikes sent you!

By: Diesel

Date: 05/10/2006

About BCEBCE Mountain Lodge

Founded in 1991 by Cliff Krolick, Back Country Excursions (BCE) is the first and longest running mountain bike touring company in the Eastern United States.  Cliff started BCE by first promoting eco-biking tours and multi-sport adventures.  However, mountain biking became the main draw and has evolved BCE into a location that riders of all level can enjoy.

The crew at BCE and Cliff's love of nature and his deep personal conviction that "the quality of human life is directly related to our appreciation and gratitude for the natural community" makes it clear that getting in touch with nature on a mountain bike is top priority around here.

Since BCE is located in a remote, secluded area in the foothills of the White Mountains, the center is a mecca for mountain biking enthusiasts of all abilities.  The rich diversity of trail systems offers exceptional recreational riding, while also providing an excellent opportunity for multi-sport adventures.  A fleet of bikes, canoes and inner-tubes is always ready to go!  Fantastic trails, guided group rides, personal service, and a wide variety of interesting terrain and topography for all abilities is what you can expect when you ride BCE!

For more information, please visit Back Country Excursions' Official website.

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