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Lynn Woods Trail Maintenance - 2008

Project Location: Lynn Woods

Project #: LYW042608

Date: 04.26.2008

With the help of the local biking community, Dieselbikes was able to complete 80% of our first trail day in Lynn Woods.  This was a huge project and we able to achieve our main goal of cutting and define the trail thread.

A crew of 16 volunteers work 6 hours cutting, digging and armoring a section of new trail that is sure to be one of the best lines in Lynn to date for mountain bikers.  We were able to complete most of the required trail work, but not able to finish two important and difficult switch backs due to time and energy levels of the volunteers.  Dieselbikes plans on going back out with our core team to adjust and finish these sections over the next month.

We will be truthful, the trail is open and ready to use, but we are sure most people will hate it because it is not complete and does not have any flow.  Dieselbikes suggest you wait a few weeks before hitting this new section over by the power lines and allow us to dial in the two switchbacks.  Riding this section now may help us determine the best line mountain bikers want to follow.  In either case, we will have it dialed in shortly.

The general direction of flow for mountain bikers is down the hillside from Bow Ridge to the El Sweeny Trail.  If you wait a few months after we finish our adjustments and the trail packs down, this section will make a sick up hill climb that rivals the grueling leg burner from the Ballfield parking lot up to the top of sunset hill.  This trail features a stone slab bridge that crosses a running stream with technical rock gardens on both ends.  Other features include natural rock faces and kickers that will keep your fingers on the brakes checking your speed.

I want to extend my personal thanks to each individual (listed below) that helped complete this project.  The amount of work completed was unparallel to any other trail project we have attempted. This was a large scale project and everyone worked their ASSES off!  I look forward to see everyone again in future trail builds and/or maintenance projects.

Simon Somerville, Russ Somerville, Pete Lynn, Carole Somerville, Eric Derry, Greg Medford  Jacob - Medford, Nathaniel - Medford, Sherwin Cambridge, John Stoneham, Nate Lynnfield, Tina Lynn, Frank Lynn, Jeff Danvers, Gerardo Lynn & Another guy named Pete Lynn


Trail Day Work Crew (not all volunteers shown)



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