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Lynn Woods Trail Maintenance - 2008

Project Location: Lynn Woods

Project #: LYW053108

Date: 05.31.2008

With the help of the local biking community, Dieselbikes was able to complete 100% of our second trail day in Lynn Woods. This was a sizable project that will be broken down into a few trail days spread over the next year. Our main objective was achieved and we are happy to say the trail is open for use.

A crew of 5 volunteers worked 6 hours re-routing an eroded section of Ridge Run Trail as it ascends from Ox Pasture Road towards the Ballfield Trail. The team created a new path that has enhanced the overall flow of the trail making it more appealing in both directions. This is just the first project of many to follow in repairing Ridge Run Trail. The new re-routed section has a number of natural technical challenges that are fun and flowy.

The trail in general is bi-directional and will offer a leg-burning climb for those wanting to challenge themselves to such obstacles. In the opposite directions, the trail will offer a fun flowy technical decent that is quite long for Lynn Woods and will surely make you want to climb back up just to flow down the hill again. As usually the trail thread is soft and we will be out making adjustments as the trail becomes compacted by park recreational groups. A few features such as berms and additional rock armoring will be added in the coming months. For now, get out their, ride and have fun!

I want to extend my personal thanks to each individual (listed below) that helped complete this project despite the threat of inclement weather. The amount of work completed by the crew of 5 was amazing. I look forward to see everyone again in future trail builds and/or maintenance projects.

Simon Somerville, Pete Lynn, Frank Lynn, Jay Lynn & Big Red -  Lynn


Trail work crew



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