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Directions to Lynn Woods Reservation

There are a few places to park your car to enjoy Lynn Woods (see map below).  Some locations are legal parking areas and others are "Park at Your Own Risk".  Below are directions from Route 1 to those locations with pre-set links to MapQuest to help you find your way to Lynn Woods from your location.

Legal Areas to Park

Location #1

Lynn Woods Ballfield Parking Lot.

We consider this to be the best place to park your vehicle when coming to mountain bike.  This location provides direct access to both the North and South sections of the park and has a constant presents of park users during the summer months.


Coming from RT 1 North or South, take the RT 129 East / Salem Street Exit.  Continue down RT129/Salem Street to the traffic rotary bearing right following RT129 which turns into Lynnfield Street.  Follow this for about 1 mile and turn right onto Great Woods Road.  Following Great Woods Road to the end which becomes the Ballfield Parking Lot.

Map of Great Woods Road Entrance

Location #2

Lynn Woods Pennybrook Parking Lot.

This would be the second choice for mountain biking unless you just want to ride on gravel fire roads.  This location provides direct access to the South section of the park and has a constant presents of park users year round.


Coming from RT 1 North or South, take the Walnut Street exit in Saugus and head towards Lynn. Follow Walnut Street for about 1 mile passing two sets of traffic lights.  At the third set of traffic lights, turn left onto Pennybrook road and follow it to the end which becomes the Pennybrook Parking Lot.

Map of Pennybrook Road Entrance


Location #3

Lynnfield Water Tower Access Road

This location is the big meeting place for weekday evening rides.  Parking is available in the Fun Time (Former Big Dog) parking lot and behind this complex on the Lynnfield Water Access Road.  Neither location has been approved by the land owners for mountain bikers to park their, so this is a park at your own risk location.


You must be traveling up RT 1 North from the above mentioned Walnut Street Exit.  As you come up RT 1, you will past the Naked Fish Restaurant and then a Nissan car dealership.  Right after this dealership, you will see the parking lot for Fun Time (Former Big Bog).  On the left of this complex is the Lynnfield Water Tower Access Road.  Parking is possible in the back on the left side near the water tower access gate.


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