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Lynn Woods News Archives

General Updates - 2005

Lynn Woods Update 04.19.05

The Power Lines...

Some of you may know this but apparently there is some construction equipment located around the Power Line area on the boarder of Lynn Woods North Side.  It appears that this is not for a new housing development but the power company is replacing the aging wooden power lines with steel ones.  There accepted to be there most of the summer.

As and FYI, this area is not part of the Lynn Woods Reservation and is technically off limits to all, but the power company has been looking the other way.  Someone has already removed a few of the BMX jumps built down in this area, I will assume this was the power company's doing.

If you're riding in this area during working hours Monday through Saturday, be aware of the construction and try not to piss them off! We do not want to have a stink over something simple as them changing power lines.

Lynn Woods Update 04.26.05

Due to last year's rumors regarding the closure of Lynn Woods to mountain bikers, some local bikers have decided to work with the Park Management to ensure that Lynn Woods will be a riders spot for years to come.

During this past winter, local riders have met with Lynn Woods Park Management to discuss some changes that need to happen in Lynn Woods.  Such changes include but not limited to communication postings and trail maintenance programs on a local level.

NEMBA has done much in New England for the mountain bike community.  We feel that NEMBA can not handle everything throughout New England; particularly on a local level.  So "WE" (local Lynn bikers) have decided to help both the Park Management and NEMBA.  Park Management is pleased and looks forward for some much need Trail attention this coming year.

You will see periodic threads during this season providing trail updates, trail maintenance dates and general communication postings such as "Lynn Woods Update 04.19.05".

Lynn Woods Update 05.10.05

Many who ride the technical side (North Side) of Lynn Woods use the fire road (OX PASTURE ROAD) as an access way to most trails.  Certain locations of this road are in need of major repair. The Park Management is working with the City DPW services to facilitate the repair of this road from the Baseball Field parking lot to the Lynnfield Power lines.

The City of Lynn has agreed to supply both labor and equipment for this project and begin work this year; however, donations are required for material.  The following organizations are accepting donations for this project:

- The Friends of Lynn Woods (Contact Number 781-593-7773)
- Park Ranger (Contact 781-477-7123)
- NEMBA is involved and is expected to donate for this cause.

The repair of OX PASTURE ROAD is critical to facilitate maintenance and repair of the trail network on the North Side of Lynn Woods.  Currently it is difficult to bring tools, material and emergency vehicles out to any given trail section.

Donations of any amount will be appreciated.  Please contact the above organizations for more information.

Lynn Woods Update 05.20.05

Many who ride in Lynn Woods remember the famous Bow Ridge trail!  Two years ago, this trail was completely severed by the current housing development at Nell's Pond.  As of today, it does not appear that this trail will be reconnected to the water tower.


Local Lynn Bikers and I are proposing a plan to the Lynn Woods Park Management regarding the repair of the current Bow Ridge Trail network.  This repair may include the re-opening of a lost trail leading from Bow Ridge down to the Main Fire Road.

The map below outlines the proposed Bow Ridge trail Network that includes repair of current trail sections and the addition of new trail lines.  Green Line indicate current Legal trail network that will be repaired.  Red Lines indicate repair of current paths and/or new trail cuts.

If APPROVED, the Bow Ridge loop will be one place for all to visit.

Lynn Woods Update 06.12.05

As many know, mountain bikers have different names for Trails & Locations in Lynn Woods then listed on the "Official Trail Map".  After discussing this matter with Park Management, they have agreed to create a Trail Network map using the names that mountain bikes are familiar with. Examples of this would be listing Spacemonkey, Acapulco and the 180 Trail Loop.

Park Management feels that this is a necessary step to aid Lynn Fire and Rescue on Trail Locations in Lynn Woods.  During last years riding season, three (3) separate incidents involving injured mountain bikers resulted in lengthily rescues.  This was mainly due to the fact Lynn Fire and Rescue did not know where the injured bikers were located since the location (biker's Trail name) was not on the "Official Trail Map".

This is going to be the first steps in documenting and creating a new Lynn Woods Trail map for all users.  The map will be created for specific use by the Lynn Fire and Rescue.  This map will also be listed on www.dieselbikes.com when it becomes available.  The official release of a new Trail map will be a long process as it awaits approval by City Officials; but this is the first step for us mountain bikers to get on the map!

So here is the deal, I am pushing this matter through.  I ride in Lynn Woods a lot, but do not know all the biker trail names and locations.  Please e-mail me frankd@dieselbikes.com or PM me with information regarding local biker trail names and fun stop areas (on the trail network) in Lynn Woods.

Lynn Woods Update 08.15.05

Many who ride in Lynn Woods may have heard of the recent mountain biker injury just a few weeks ago.  This last incident has sparked a political battle with Lynn City officials regarding the condition of Ox Pasture Road (main fire road) and its accessibility by emergency vehicles.  Repair of the fire road was to begin this summer under the agreement that Park Management was able to generate donations for the purchasing of material (crush stone) to repair the road.  Many people believe the City should supply both material and labor for this project.  But at this point in time, this is not the case.

Some may remember my Lynn Woods Posting dated 05/10/05 outline information for this project. Park Management feels that the road will be repaired but it is now unknown when it will begin.  I ask any and all local Lynn (city resident) mountain bikes to write a letter to the Mayor’s Office requesting the repair of Ox Pasture Road in Lynn Woods.  Anyone who wished to donate to this project should contact the following organizations:

-  The Friends of Lynn Woods (Contact Number 781-593-7773)
- Park Ranger (Contact 781-477-7123)

Lynn Woods Update 08.22.05

May who ride in Lynn Woods remember the famous Bow Ridge trail!  Two years ago, this trail was severed by the current housing development at Nell's Pond. Because of this, bikers were able to find a way around the homes by riding on the streets from the water tower to an opening leading to Boston Rock.  This opening was an unsold lot for a home. Well the fun is over, the past few weeks, that last home is now being constructed.

There is no easy way to get around the development at this time.  We may never connect the two sides of the Bow Ridge trail again, but are working with Park Management to create an alternate trail down from Boston Rock.  We hope to have this alternate trail approved for next year's riding season.

Lynn Woods Update 11.22.05 "Thanks for your support"

The 05 biking season in Lynn Woods is soon coming to an end and we all look forward to the 06 season.  Lynn Woods Park Management and Water & Sewer Commission are pleased with this past years trail maintenance and look forward to continuing these efforts next year.

I want to thank all that attended each and/or multiple trail days.  Without YOUR support, none of this could happen.  With winter approaching, we plan on meeting with Park Management and Water & Sewer Commission to finalize and approve trail days for next year.

Major trail projects planned (but must be approved) for 06 are the following:

Development of new trails above the baseball field designed to have FLOW with downward descends toward the start of Overlook trail (Section E5-1 in Lynn Woods Map).

A new legal trail designed to get bikers down from Bow Ridge (near the angry neighbor trail).

I look forward working with all riders, groups and organizations that want to make Lynn Woods safe and fun for all users and rider levels.  See you all on the trails...


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