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Lynn Woods Media Page

Location: Lynn, MA

More Information About Lynn Woods

Lynn Woods Reservation North Side offers some of Massachusetts' best technical riding sitting on 2,200 acres.  From fast single track, heart pounding hill climbs and technical rock gardens, the 25+ miles of Trails give riders an endless array of challenges.  Man-made built stunts or structures are illegal on this property, however you will find natural rock ledges, technical descents and fast single track that will make you think twice before attempting anything.

Since much of Lynn Woods North Side  is considered aggressive terrain we at Dieselbikes feel you should not ride alone.  If it's your first time to Lynn Woods, make sure to ride within your ability and find others to ride with.  You will always find local Lynn Riders in the Woods on most given days.  Most Lynn Bikers appear to be intimidating but are really friendly and will to show you around the Trail Network.

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Below are pictures from Lynn Woods First Trail Maintenance Day held on Saturday April 22nd.  It was a fun time for all cutting 1600 feet of new technical singletrack. Click here for more trail info...



Below are a few video clips of mountain bikers have some fun in Lynn Woods.

Lynn Woods Mountain Bike Video 01

Run Time: 16sec - File Size: 3.1MB

Lynn Woods Mountain Bike Video 02

Run Time: 13sec - File Size: 1.7MB

Lynn Woods Mountain Bike Video 03

Run Time: 19sec - File Size 4.5MB

Lynn Woods Mountain Bike Video 04

Run Time: 19sec - File Size 5.9MB


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