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Rider Bio:Mountain Bike Freerider: Rambo

Dieselbikes member "Rambo" is one of the most down to earth riders among the local New England freeriding scene.  Rambo introduced himself to biking when he dropped off the family doghouse with his Big Wheels at the age of 4! He has a unique riding style and the challenge of trying to reach the next level is one of his passions for this sport.  Whether watching his wife or friends clean that "hard-line" or hitting that "first-time" drop, the excitement, huge smiles and "DID YOU SEE THAT" is what makes mountain biking fun! Whether riding trails that have flow or feeding fellow member "Headstand" Mexican food and watching him suffer since he is lactose intolerant, Rambo is up to the challenge.


The media below is dedicated to the following mountain biker and may contain riding clips, personal funny stories, opinions and anything else that maybe related to their passion of this sport.

"RAMBO" Photo gallery:


"Rambo" Lynn Woods

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"RAMBO" Video gallery:

Rambo Video Clip 01

Run Time: 8sec - File Size: 1.8MB

Rambo Video Clip 02

Run Time: 10sec - File Size: 1.9MB

Rambo Video Clip 03

Run Time: 9sec - File Size 2.0MB


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