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General Postings - 2006

New Homepage!!!! (Posting Date 11.22.06)

We at Dieselbikes have just released a new homepage for our website.  Our goal is to provide the local mountain bike community with more "upfront" information.  More visible direct links have been created to provide the used better navigation to the information that is most important. Additional changes will follow in the coming months, however we believe this format will suit the majority of our users and provide Dieselbikes with a better platform to release trail news, special report and other media related items. As always, we look forward hearing from our users. If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, please feel free to drop us an e-mail at: info@dieselbikes.com

Dieselbikes' Product Page!!! (Posting Date 11.07.06)

We at Dieselbikes are working hard to expand our club throughout New England to promote mountain biking. Our goal is to turn this local club into a local business that will have the ability to generate MTB events, local movies and provide trail support to some of the best technical riding spots in the United States. To do this, we are starting small and have created a PRODUCTS PAGE that will showcase products and services that can be purchased online. To start, we have released a small line of Active Apparel with our logo. More products are to follow in the near future. All funds collected will be used to expand the efforts of Dieselbikes and turn this club into a real business to support New England Mountain Biking. Again, we thank you for your support!

DIESELFUEL - Local MTB Movie (Posting Date 09.25.06)

Dieselbikes is pleased to present our third local mountain bike movie "DIESELFUEL" Filmed throughout 2006 and featuring over 25 local riders and 7 of the hottest trails local to New England, DIESELFUEL is sure to get you out on your bike. This 30 minute DVD movie is available for purchase on October 9th. Cost is $15.00 (includes shipping) and proceeds will got to our efforts to support our local trails and filming for the 2007 season.

Click here to view the "DIESELFUEL" movie trailer and order your copy today!

New Web Sponsor! (Posting Date 08.15.06)

Dungeon Rock Trading Company is a local New England company that sells cool mountain bike apparel and parts. DRT will be supporting Dieselbikes' upcoming trail day on September 23rd. They will have a promotional give-away for many who come and support our efforts. Come on out, help our trails efforts and meet the guy's behind DRT. Local guy's with a local company!

Trail Weather Box... (Posting Date 07.30.06)

We at Dieselbikes have added a weather box icon to each of our current trail pages to provide you the mountain biker need to know information related to the weather.  Each weather box will present current and extended weather conditions for the local trail or trails you are interested in riding.  We feel this is valuable information for mountain bikers to help plan where and when you may ride a trail, dependent on weather conditions.  We hope you enjoy this simple yet important feature to our site and we are please to supply this information within each trail location for easy lookup.

Google Search Aid! (Posting Date 07.16.06)

We at Dieselbikes are trying our best to handle the increasing web traffic during the past few months. With our ever growing website and upcoming travel, news and trail features, we felt it was time to install a Google Search function.

The Google Search bar will appear on the top right of every page for your convenience and can be used to quickly search Dieselbikes.com and/or anything across the world wide web. We hope you enjoy this simple yet important feature to our site!

Dieselbikes BLOG Board! (Posting Date 06.30.06)

We at Dieselbikes have been thinking about creating another mountain bike forum. But before we go through with this potential new web feature, we have decided to start with a simple BLOG board. This BLOG Board is currently up and running and will continue to grow as long as the local mountain bike community participates. We feel that there are too many local bike forums and want to see if this takes off first. If so, then we at Dieselbikes will then expand to meet and exceed the needs of out local mountain biking community.

Lynn Woods Trail Days Moved! (06.29.06)

Thus far this season, we have been able to complete 3 huge trail projects in Lynn Woods. We have 3 big projects still remaining and have decided to give the group a break for the month of July. All remaining trail projects below have been moved forward by one month. Here are the new trail dates:

Project # 4: Aug 19

Project # 5: Sept 23

Project # 6: Oct 21

Nothing has changed for trail work and all projects are still approved by park management. We look forward see you out on the trails.

Essex County Greenbelt Mountain Bike Fun Ride (Posting Date 04.15.06)

On Saturday, May 13 Essex County Greenbelt and Essex County Velo (ECV) are hosting a mountain bike fun ride.  Meeting time is at 10:00 am on Greenwood Ave in Beverly.  The bike ride will be between 2-3 hours through Beverly Commons/Gordon College Conservation Area with plenty technical terrain.  There will be bail-out points during the ride and if a large number of bikers show, we will break into two or three groups.  There is a Apres Ride BBQ at the Cox Reservation in Essex starting at 1 pm.  Because of this BBQ and the potential of limited parking, Greenbelt ask that you RSVP by contacting Kate Walton at kwalton@ecga.org

Spinergy and Dieselbikes Team Up! (Posting Date 04.03.06)

Dieselbikes is pleased to announce that our mountain bike club and hardcore rider Crazy Fred has been sponsored by Spinergy, a leader in wheel technology for bicycles.  This sponsorship will encompass a true un-bias product review test of Spinergy's Fall Line FR Wheel Sets.  Product testing will begin in May and run for 90 day.  These rims will be put through hell and if they can/or can not withstand the punishment of Crazy Fred, Dieselbikes will provide YOU the mountain bike community with a full product report!

This is the beginning of what we believe will become a long-term relationship with Spinergy.  If you have any questions regarding the Fall Line FR Wheel Sets, please feel free to contact Fred at fredb@dieselbikes.com or frankd@dieselbikes.com or see them in action on our group rides.

Looking for Trail Maintenance Help! (Posting Date 03.28.06)

This is going to be a busy year for Dieselbikes.  We are looking to complete huge projects in Lynn Woods and expand our trail efforts to Bruce & Tom's this year.  We are looking for volunteer help during our scheduled trail days from anyone who can lend a hand.  Our trail days are well organized, we supply most of the tools required and everyone walks away with a feeling of satisfaction.

We at Dieselbikes plan to take this mountain bike club to the next level for the mountain bike community and look forward working with anyone who wants to support mountain biking in New England.

Events Calendar Update (Posting Date 03.10.06)

To keep the mountain bike community up to date with Lynn Woods events such as trail maintenance dates and group rides, we at Dieselbikes have just updated our website with an Events Calendar.

Our calendar outlines trail maintenance dates for Lynn Woods along with set weekday group rides.  Other events will be posted in the near future that shall include trail days for Bruce & Tom's and film day locations.

As always, we thank you for your support in these upcoming events.


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