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General Postings - 2007

Manufacturer Shout-Out! (Posted Date 11.05.2007)


We at Dieselbikes want to give a shout-out to Fox Suspension Products for helping out one of our group members. Club ride “Big-G” was out riding during a weekend group ride this past August and blew out the rear Coil Fox Shock mounted on his 2002 Specialized “BigHit”. Upon inspection of the shock, we found the piston shaft pulled right out of the shock body. Big-G gave a call to Fox and explained the matter even though the shock was 4 years old and out of the warranty period. Well, after a month in the hands of Fox’s, they decided to completely rebuild the shock FREE of charge for Big-G.


Sometime it is a pain to get parts fixed and/or warranted by any large scale company. Plus we will be truthful and say other members of Dieselbikes have had difficulty working with Fox; even on warranty matters, but this time they came through. And for that reason, we want to give a shout out for a job well done!


Our First Donated to the Lynn Woods Ranger Fund! (Posted Date 10.01.2007)


In the past, Dieselbikes has been able to purchase supplies required for trail maintenance in Lynn Woods and B&T’s. Now 3 years strong, our club has hit another first! We have provided our first ever cash donation of $500.00 to the Lynn Woods Ranger Fund.


The Ranger Fund is used by park management to help support the park in any means they see necessary. As with may other parks (especially with City Parks), budgets are thin and usually cover only the minimum operational cost. Donations provided by clubs like us, non-profits, corporations and individuals help make Lynn Woods a better place for all to enjoy.


We are happy to be on the list of contributors for Lynn Woods and look forward increasing our support in years to come. Again, thank you to all who have supported our organization.


Road Trip Report: Highland Mountain Bike Park (Posted Date 07.31.2007)


A few members of the Dieselbikes crew along with other local New England riders took a road trip to Highland Mountain in Northfield, NH. About a 90-minute drive from Boston, Highland Mountain is the newest downhill/freeride park in New England that exclusively caters to mountain bikes. That’s right…JUST mountain bikers! (click here for the complete story)


Dolly The Mountain Biking Sheep! (Posted Date 07.05.2007)


We had a great time during our visit to Diablo Freeride Park. Utilizing the excellent lift service and facilities around the mountain, we were all business (riding that is) on Saturday. However, during our little after hour party Saturday night, we plotted to have of some fun before we packed up and returned home.


Dolly the mountain biking sheep made her debut in front of the camera on the shoulders of "The Doctor" as he ripped up the trails at Diablo. This fun, yet head turning skit was a blast to film with many people wondering…"Was that a sheep on that guy’s back?"


Beware, this video contains adult humor. Nothing really bad; but bad enough to make you say "WTF"...(Click here to watch this short video)


Road Trip Report: Diablo Freeride Park (Posted Date 07.01.2007)


A few members of the Dieselbikes crew along with other local New England riders took a road trip to Diablo Freeride Park in Vernon, NJ. About a 5-hour drive from Boston, Diablo is one of the premier mountain bike parks on the east coast. The Diesel crew visited Diablo back in 2005 and since that time we were told Diablo installed a bunch of new technical trail features. So we decided to packed up the vehicles with our bikes, gear, video cameras and headed on down for a weekend of fun...(click here for the complete story)


New Active Apparel Available Now! (Posted Date 06.27.2007)


We are happy to announce the addition of some women's shirt to our current line up so summer active wear. Most of our shirts are a 50/50 blend ultra-cotton so that it feels comfortable when you walk, bike or sleep in them. We are happy with the success of our shirts and plan on releasing newer more funnier designs in the coming months. Check out our new active apparel under the GEAR section of our website. We thank you for your support!.


5.10 Shoe Company Supports Dieselbikes (Posted Date 06.15.2007)


5.10 Shoe Company, a leader in the world of rock climbing shoes has graciously decided to support our grassroots operation here in New England. 5.10 has been know for its brand of rock climbing shoes, but in the past 5 years, they have taken their stealth “sticky” rubber technology and applied it to a new shoe designed solely for mountain biking. The “High Impact” Freeride Shoe is taken the bike industry by storm and their present here on the east coast is rapidly growing…(click here for the full story)


New Sponsors – Wheelworks (Posted Date 06.15.2007)


Wheelworks has graciously teamed up with Dieselbikes to help sponsor our upcoming trail day on June 24th. With locations in Belmont and Somerville, MA; Wheelworks has a huge selection of bicycle parts and components to get you out riding. They have been serving the greater Boston area for the last 30 years and will be serving the bike community for decades to come. We are happy and thank full for their support and look forward working with them in any upcoming Dieselbikes trail projects and or events. Visit Belmont Wheelworks at 480 Trapelo Road Belmont, MA or Ace Wheelworks at 145 Elm Street Somerville, MA and tell them Dieselbikes sent you.


D-Day Mountain Bike Event Was a Complete SUCCESS (Posted Date 06.06.2007)


Our first ever mountain bike event was a complete success! On Sunday June 3rd, Dieselbikes was proud to host a DEMO day mountain bike event in Lynn Woods (Lynn, MA) titled "D-DAY". This event hosted 14 local bike shops and 5 manufacturer reps showcasing 2007 and some 2006 DEMO bikes for the general public to ride. The weather was not the best with overcast skies, cool temperatures and the thread of heavy rain, but the event went off without a hitch.


With over 60+ DEMO bikes available to test ride, event attendees did not have a limited selection of bikes to choose from. DEMO bikes ranging for light weight XC models to full suspension downhill rigs were on display ready for all to ride...(click here for an event recap)


Dieselbikes D-Day Mountain Bike Event – June 3rd (Posted Date 03.12.2007)


It has been unanimously approved by Lynn Woods Park Management!  On Sunday June 3rd, we are proud to present our first "Dieselbikes D-Day Mountain Bike Event".  What is the D-Day event?  This event will be a host for local bike shops and manufacturer reps to provide and showcase DEMO bikes for the general public to test ride in Lynn Woods.  We have received our permit for this event and plan to make this event a success for the local bike community.


Sponsors such as Cycle Loft, JRA Cycles, Iron Horse, Sinister and Ski Market have currently signed up to provide DEMO bikes for this event.  Dieselbikes will be hosting this event and provide group rides for all rider levels.  Our group leaders will take you and your DEMO bike of choice on a 20 to 30 minute ride, in the woods on a pre-determined course.


Looking for Local Music Bands! (Posted Date 02.12.2007)


Dieselbikes has begun our planning for this year's local New England Mountain Bike movie.  Just as last year, we are requesting local music bands to help support our movie by supplying us with their signature songs.  Last year's music submissions were terrific and we believe blending local riding with local music is a successful combination.


We are not picky about music and encourage bands of all genres to contact us for more details. Whether you are in a band, know someone in a band, or like the music of a local band and belief their music would rock in a mountain bike movie, send us an e-mail so we can get the ball rolling. We thank you in advance for your support.


New England Trail Directory (Posted Date 02.12.2007)


We at Dieselbikes are trying to provide local trail information for New England mountain bikers. We have created a trail directory (under TRAILS Section) that will provide quick "need to know" information such as; trail maps, who manages the land and websites that provide addition facts about the listed trail.


This will be an ever expanding trail directory and our goals are to provide the most up to date information for New England mountain bikers.


New Apparel Available...(Posted Date 02.01.2007)


We at Dieselbikes are happy to introduce additional apparel to our current 2007 line-up.  With the excellent sales and re-order of our first batch of black long sleeve t-shirt, we are going to keep pushing forward with offering additional colors for 2007.  New logo graphics/colors are in the works and will be released upon sales growth.  We are extremely happy with the on going support from the local mountain bike community and look forward to this seasons outcome.


As always, all funds collected will go to Dieselbikes operating cost to support our expanding trail maintenance programs and local film production.  If you have any question, comments and/or suggests about our products, please feel free to contact us at info@dieselbikes.com


Again, we at Dieselbikes thank you for your support!


MTB Frame Categories & Disciplines (Posted Date 01.30.07)


We at Dieselbikes want to help out the local mountain biking community with as much useful information possible related to our sport. Some of this information may be geared towards beginners, but ultimately should prove beneficial for all riders.  We have added a new MTB Article to our technical section which explains the basic difference between frame categories and design disciplines.  We feel this will help explain the difference between different bike builds...

(click here for the article)


JRA Cycles Is On The Move!!! (Posted Date 01.22.07)

After years and years selling and repairing bikes in a little 900sqft corner shop, JRA Cycles is moving to a NEW larger 4,000sqft shop just a few doors down and across the street from their current location.  Currently located at 246 Salem Street Medford, JRA's new address will be 229 Salem Street Medford. Many who shop and support JRA Cycles know that they already carry a big inventory of BMX bikes and components along with a great selection of full suspension/hardtail mountain bikes.  With this increased floor space shall come increased sales and service along with a spectacular show room floor displaying some of the best bikes and parts for 2007.

The grand opening for this new store location is slated for early March and we believe an huge party is in the works.  We at Dieselbikes are happy to announce this move by JRA and wish Brian the best of luck.  If your in the area, drop by to congratulate Brian and his team for a job well done.


NEW Website Sponsor - JRA Cycles (Posted Date 01.12.07)

JRA Cycles has graciously teamed up with Dieselbikes to help sponsor our website for this year. Located in Medford, MA, JRA Cycles has the biggest and best selection of quality BMX bikes and parts in the Boston Area. You will find selections such as Redline, Animal, DK, Fly Bikes and many more. Among the multitude of BMX stuff, JRA carries a complete line of full suspension/hardtail mountain bikes. Including such manufacturers as, Goatbikes, Sinister, Iron Horse and many more, JRA has what you need to gracefully throw yourself off a rock or just go for that casual bike ride. Visit them at 246 Salem Street Medford, MA and tell them Dieselbikes sent you.



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